Sept 2 – Sol has it totally together right? Wrong

245 – Sol has it totally together right? Wrong #faithbites #faithjourney together Scrolling through Facebook, you see wonderful pictures of vacations, well-behaving kids, promotions, houses, cars, and new opportunities. You go to work and ask “How are you doing, Buddy”? The response is anywhere from great to ok to just ducky, maybe no response. Then you […]

September 28 – Greater than the Haters

271 – Greater than the Haters #faithbites #faithjourney haters Today has been a rough day for me emotionally. Anxiety has been a wreck and all of the vitriol about sexual harassment, misconduct, abuse, #meetoo what is reporting and what isn’t reporting, why people didn’t report (#whyIdidntreport). So much blame, hate, ridicule, ignorance, and blindness was […]

September 27 – Are You Enjoying Yourself?

270 – Are You Enjoying Yourself? #faithbites #faithjourney Enjoying “Are You Enjoying Yourself”? That was the question one of my advisors for my EdD asked me yesterday. I was meeting with two of them to discuss my dissertation, project, and life in general. When she said that, I asked: “Do you mean the dissertation or […]

September 24 – Trust but Verify

267 – Trust But Verify #faithbites #faithjourney verify A slight warning before we start today. This topic has a potential trigger warning as it talks about sexual allegations and truth. And now, onto faithbites. “He said, she said”. “He was just a kid”. “How do we know what happened 30 years ago?”. “No man is […]

September 22 – It Only Takes One Moment to Change a Life

265 – It Only Takes One Moment to Change a Life #faithbites #faithjourney moment Before we get started, I have to say thank you to my wife Amanda for watching the kids at the festival so I could run the welcome booth. No way I could have done it without her. And now, onto #faithbites. Last […]

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